NBA 2K17 App – Features & Gameplay with Lot of Major Improvements


NBA 2K17 App: Gaming is the thing which we all like to do. From a novice types of games for children to highly professional games for young to young adults basically teenagers. There are many types of games in one can have a particular interest in. All these genres of games have its own perks and a significant concept. Their different genre of games like Action, adventure, arcade, strategy, puzzle, classic and sports etc. These genres are the thing which separates the types gaming experience.

So today we will talk about one such genre and a specific game that is of that particular genre. We will talk about NBA 2k17. This game is a sports generic game which is available for Smartphones as well for computers.


NBA 2K17 App Features & Gameplay:


Sports games are basically very interesting it also has a little taste of another genre like it is also strategic as well as action. When we play Sports games we fill like we are really playing in the real time and that’s what makes us more addictive to it. Also, the graphic plays a very important role to make it more realistic and giving us an amazing experience while playing games.

NBA 2k17 is one such game which is the best in its own way. This Game is available on Android and iOS. This game is also very popular and has millions of downloads each on Android as well as on iOS platform. As we all know NBA is a Basketball and all the basketball lover plays this game, in fact, those who are not into NBA Basketball also plays this game. There other sports games which require a large field but basketball does not need large field and what it really needs is tactics, strategy, skills, speed, and acceleration etc. (not saying other games does not need these factors).


About NBA 2k17:

In this article, I will tell you about the NBA 2K17 game and all its improvements over its last version.

NBA lovers cannot wait for this game and are willing to pay any amount to hands on this game. The NBA 2K17 game is released on 20th of September 2016. There will also be an app version which will be developed by Visual Concepts and they are doing a pretty good job in creating the series. 2k Sports will also publish the series of NBA.

NBA 2k17 is going to be released by Take-Two Interactive distributors in a few months. The month of September is going to be great for the NBA lovers because this time it has improved a lot from inside to outside. NBA 2k17 by visual concept can be played on many platforms like Microsoft windows, Playstation 4, Playstation3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms.  The game will official going to be released on 20th September 2016.

NBA 2k16 was one of the most famous series of NBA and that took this gaming platform on another level. Now Visual Concepts and its team are expecting that it will do the same with NBA 2k17 and even higher.


Visuals Concepts and its team made a lot of improvements which makes us believe that the game is going to amazing when it comes to user experience. The new NBA 2k17 will feature Indiana Pacer’s star Paul George as the cover on the NBA 2k17 game. I cannot tell on each and every little improvement right now but as the time will come close to its release date I will surely update about all the new improvements and its new features. So keep visiting this site for more updates.

There might be another version of NBA 2k17 known as NBA 2k17 Gold Edition which will feature the legend of Los Angeles Lakers’s own “Kobe Bryant” as the cover athlete.

There will be variations in the prices of NBA 2k17 and the price will depend on which Edition you want to buy. The Standard version will cost around $59.99 (approximately Rs 3999) and this version will include all the feature and Ads on except for one player.

The Gold Version of NBA 2k17 will cost around $79.99 (approximately Rs 5400) and this edition will feature Kobe Bryant and the Physical and digital content.

The Game was released on 20th September you can buy it online and the Gold Edition as expected to have a limited version so if you want to have the hands on it, you better start saving money.

For the mobile version, there will be a new face scanning feature which lets you create a player which can look exactly like you. You have to use one of your Portrait size pictures so that it will fit right into the person’s face. But you have to install a particular app called GameFace 2.0 which is created by EA sports. NBA and GameFace 2.0 is partnered this time to make give you more feature and enhancements. You can easily install GameFace 2.0 on Google Play store, apple app Store and some from some websites. You can literally make the game as realistic as possible. You can wear whatever accessories you want to wear and also Adidas and Nike Boots are available in the mobile version of 2k17.

NBA 2k17 is going to be massive. From Mobile platforms to computer platforms and other it will be a drastic change in the NBA lovers and this who will play NBA for the first time.

Like I said before for more updates and news on NBA 2k17 you can regularly visit this site. I hope you enjoyed the article.

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