Instagram for PC Download Laptop Windows 10/8/7 Computer

Instagram for PC: Instagram is one of the highest downloaded apps and why won’t it be? It is one of the most popular social networking platforms like Facebook, twitter, etc. Instagram today has millions of users and people love to use it. You do not need to pay any money as Instagram or for shortcut IG. IG users have a lot of reasons to love this app.

Instagram for PC Download Laptop Windows 10/8/7 Computer:

Almost everyone today uses Instagram. Here is how you can get it for your windows pc or laptop and mac os computer.

Requirements for Downloading Instagram on your Windows PC Computer:

  1. You must know that you cannot just directly download apps as they are actually made for your phone and not for your PC. Even though you cannot directly download the app on your PC, you do not need to be disheartened, there is always a way! Now, here is where an emulator comes into the frame. What is an emulator? Most people must have an emulator downloaded already, if you are familiar with downloading apps on your PC and just really prefer PC over phones, the emulator is probably your best friend. For those who have no idea what an emulator is, let’s see what it is.

An emulator is a software, it allows your PC to act like an android. It allows you to download every app on your PC that you are able to download on an android phone or tablet. So cool, isn’t it? Before downloading Instagram you need to know how to download an emulator.

  1. One of the most popular emulators for this is Bluestacks. Here is how to download Bluestacks.
  2. Open your web browser and go to the official website of Bluestacks to be able to download it. The official website is
  3. Once you go to the website you will see an option to ‘Download Bluestacks’, in a blue box. Click on that box. As soon as you click on it the download will begin automatically. After the download is complete, click on it.
  4. To launch the app then click on the run option and then the continue option. And, done! This is how you have successfully completed the process of downloading Bluestacks. Now you can begin using it and download as many apps as you like to, within a few minutes.

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Steps to Download Instagram for Windows PC Laptop Using Bluestacks:

One of the best parts about Bluestacks, why it is best for you if you want to download it is that, Instagram is already installed when you download Bluestacks. Yep, you do not need to any other thing apart from downloading Bluestacks. Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are already installed as they are very popular and apps which are generally downloaded the moment someone downloads an emulator.

( in case you are not interested in the other pre-installed apps then you can uninstall them very easily)

Just in case your Instagram is not already installed by itself or you uninstalled it for some reason or by mistake then this is how you can download the app on your PC using your emulator.

  1. On the search bar which is at the top of your Bluestacks is where you can type the name of the app that you are looking forward to using on your PC. It can be absolutely any app but right now what we are looking for is Instagram, so go to the search bar and type there ‘Instagram’ to be able to download.
  2. The downloading will not take a lot of time unless your internet is really slow, it is not an enormous app so the downloading should actually be pretty fast.
  3. Once the downloading is complete you can start using it right away. The app is pretty simple to use even if you are not really familiar with it.

It was a very simple procedure, wasn’t it? You can start using IG now on your PC whenever you want to by just logging in with your username and your password. If you do not have an account you can register within a few minutes. You can sign up to Instagram quickly by continuing using your facebook profile. This will let you join Instagram on the spot as you already have a profile ready and authenticated so this saves a lot of trouble for IG. If you do not want to sign up using your FB then you can use your email id or phone number to register. You need to type your phone number or email depending on what you chose. You have to choose a new username and password to be able to operate the account and fill in basic details like your gender.

Here are Some Reasons Why Instagram is Amazing:

  1. Popularity

The app is extremely popular for a reason. It is a simple and fun app and therefore extremely popular these days. It has started to give competition to facebook because of the increasing amount of users. All your friends must be on Instagram and must be loving Instagram especially if you are a teenager.

  1. User friendly

Instagram has a very simple user interface. The app is very easy to use and to understand. The app is pretty and not at all confusing.

  1. Fun

You can upload as many photos as you wish to and add a caption below it according to you. It can be a quote or what the photo is about or about what you are doing in the photo and what not. Anything is fine as long as it does not offend people and breaks rules. You can even tag people in the photo if you would like to. You can even add hashtags in the caption so if a person want to find something similar they can search for the hashtag and find whatever they want to.

  1. Filters

Instagram has a lot of filters to choose from and these can be used to edit your photos. You can use these filters to enhance your photos and make them prettier. You can also adjust other things like contrast, brightness and a lot of other things.

  1. You can directly send personal messages to people without others knowing about it.

This is how you can enjoy Instagram for Windows!!

Instagram for PC Download Laptop Windows 10/8/7 Computer
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