Hotstar Apk Download Latest v5.10.12 for Android | Hotstar App for PC


Hotstar App: If you are looking for a complete entertainment package in a single mobile application, the Hotstar apk is the right choice for you. The Hotstar apk is the perfect app that covers almost every genre of entertainment, and it is all available for free. From movies to sports to TV Series the Hotstar apk will give you the best platform for live streaming not only movies or TV shows but even your favorite sports all from your mobile phone without any issue.

Hotstar apk is available for free download from Android apk market. So, if you are looking for non-stop entertainment just download the Hotstar apk on your Android device and enjoy watching live streaming of the most amazing and latest entertainment shows in your mobile.


Hotstar Apk Download for Android v5.10.12 | Hotstar App for PC & iOS


There have been complaining that many people have faced problems while downloading the apk version of the Hotstar application. This article will show you the right way to download and install the Hotstar apk in your android mobile so just go through this article and make sure you follow all the necessary steps before starting the download.

But before I tell you how to download and install the Hotstar apk let me first tell you about the amazing features that make this app a perfect tool for live streaming all your entertainment shows, just with the help of your mobile device.


Key Features of the Hotstar App:

There are some unique features which you need to know what makes the Hotstar apk a must have tool if you want this to be your next live streaming application on your mobile device.

  1. Amazing Search: Hotstar apk has an amazing new search engine that you will fall in love with. Just type the name of whatever movies or shows that you are looking for in the search portal, and you will easily find it in an instant.
  2. Adjustable Video Quality: No matter how bad the internet is or whether you are using 2G the Hotstar apk is the right app to watch live video streaming and that too also you can select any video resolution and quality without having any issue. Whatever bitrate you want just select it and you are done.
  3. Direct resume option: Another feature which makes the Hotstar a favorite among the live stream apps is the feature which lets you resume from the part of the video that you left. There is no need for you to search and select because Hotstar will do the thing for you as it memorizes the point where you just interrupted and when you return it will start playing on its own.
  4. Watch videos Offline: You can download your favorite shows so that you can watch later. And the best part is that if you have already downloaded these videos you can watch them in offline mode too and that also free of cost. This comes in handy when sometimes you run out of internet data, but you are dying to watch a show, just browse through the downloaded shows and start enjoying.
  5. Watch almost anything: As told earlier the Hotstar apk will let you gain access to almost any kind of show under the sun. Let it be the latest TV shows or the most recent movies and even the latest live sports, everything is available in Hotstar.

To be more precise you can even watch the most loved Bollywood movies, movies in many regional languages like Telegu, Bengali, Tamil, etc. and even Hollywood movies without any issues. Even international TV shows that ranges from any kind of genres like comedy, action, adventure, Drama, Horror and much more.

In simple words, your Smartphone becomes a portable mini television and that too without you paying anything. Now that you have come across all the features of the Hotstar apk, let me show you how you can download and install it without any issue.

How to Download Hotstar APK for Android Devices:

Downloading the Hotstar apk is not a big deal, all you have to do is visit the Hotstar official website or any other onlinAndroidid apk market to download and then install it. The size of the Hotstar apk is around 13 Mb Just follow the following steps given below and get the Hotstar apk in your android mobile:

  1. Search the Hotstar apk in the Android apk websites.
  2. Browse through the available results and click the official Hotstar apk from among these results
  3. Click install, in the Install option and accept the Terms and conditions to start the download process.
  4. Make sure that you have enabled the ‘Allow installation of applications from both trusted and unknown sources’. This will make sure that you can download any kind of third party application from any kind of Android markets. So to do this, just visit the settings>security>unknown sources and then click enable. This will allow the download to take place.
  1. Once the download is over you can now go to your app menu and click open the Hotstar apk and you are ready to search through the various collection of available movies or shows and start watching. You can also type the name of your favorite shows or movies in the search option and start enjoying them online.

This is how you can download and install the Hotstar apk in your android mobile.

Hotstar App – Conclusion:

The Hotstar apk is really an amazing application that you need in your mobile if you are an entertainment freak or a movie buff. I just don’t believe you should miss this amazing service which is all available for free of cost.

Just make sure that you download the latest version so as to not compromise with the quality of features available in the latest apk.

So, enjoy your favorite shows combined with the amazing features that make the Hotstar apk all the more enjoyable. Don’t forget to let all your friends and dear ones know about this application because this is the ultimate source of your unending entertainment.

Hotstar Apk Download Latest v5.10.12 for Android | Hotstar App for PC
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