Card Wars Adventure Time APK Download V1.11.0 for Android Device


Card Wars Adventure Time APK: Everyone these days plays games on their smartphones. Today, we are going to tell you about a game that’s really popular and good as well.

Card wars adventure time – we all are familiar with this game, but do we know how this game came into existence? “Card Wars” is actually one of the episodes, fourteenth episode to be exact of the fourth season of an American animated series – Adventure time, which used to air on Cartoon network in the year 2012. Cartoon network is one of the most watched channels by kids from all around the world, this show gained a lot of popularity.


Card Wars Adventure Time APK Download for Android Device:

card wars

In the fourteenth episode, characters Jake and Finn are seen playing this tabletop game and since the rules of this game were very complicated and difficult to understand, it took Jake a few hours to explain the rules to Finn, the episode itself was a very big hit and which is why there are now mobile apps on this game. Not just mobile games, but there is an actual card game of “Card Wars”.

Card Wars Adventure Time APK Download For Android:

Now, let us have a look at some of the cool features of this android app.

  1. Card Combat- You can command an army which includes the cool dog, the pig, husker knights, etc to destroy your enemies. You can place cast spells and towers release ultimo attacks.
  2. Custom Deck- You can customize your deck by collecting cards, which you get by winning wars. You will have to level up your towers, spells, creatures or you can get all of them together to increase the power of your cards.
  3. High stakes Battles- You can start your very own wars as Finn, BMO, Marceline and many more characters.

The game is available not just in English, but many other languages including French, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The game offers in-app purchases. You can enhance your game play by paying real money and getting some more things in the game. card warsTo play a nice stable game on your phone, we suggest you upgrade your device to android 4.2. Other than this, there are no problems in the app.

More about the Game:

In the game, the player fights other characters in the Card Wars Tournament. There are around 120 levels, also known as quests, in this game. When you finish one level and move onto another, you are rewarded with experience points and coins. Also on completing the level, or the quest, you are given 3 side challenges, if you complete one, you get a quest star and if you complete all of the 3, you get 3 quest stars and on winning 3 quest stars, you get a gem. You can use the gem to get replenish hearts, increase the size of your inventory and much more.

Now, we are going to tell you how to download the APK version of this app – Card Wars Adventure Time

  1. The Apk for this game can be downloaded only when there’s a stable internet connection, so make sure your mobile data or wifi is turned on.
  2. Open any browser on your smartphone. Go to any search engine and search for card wars adventure time apk.
  3. Now, choose one link you think seems most trustworthy, usually the first one. Make sure it is legal and safe to download.
  4. Open the link and download the file.
  5. Meanwhile, go to settings then location and turn on the unknown sources option, usually this option is turned off as your phone doesn’t want to download files from unknown sources as they may bring some unwanted elements with them.
  6. Now that the link has been downloaded, install it on your phone and start using the app. Enjoy the game!

Hope we made the whole downloading process easy for you.

Here are some tips for you, using which you can improve your performance in the game.

  1. To win gems, try to win as many quests and possible and participate in deck wars. Use your gems to open algebraic quest as it can be opened only by gems, unlike cool quest which can be opened by using coins. Algebraic quest will give you rare and awesome cards. You can also get gems in holiday gifts. Also, use your hearts properly. You can earn a gem by getting 3 stars in the quest, but make sure you don’t waste your hearts in the first two when you know you can’t win the third one.
  2. Even when you don’t have enough hearts to continue battling, there are some ways by which you can continue battling – you can use a gem or wait for your timer to reach 0 or win some quests. This will restore your hearts.
  3. If you have a magic point, then it’s always better to go first in the battle as it’s an advantage.card wars
  4. Keep an eye on yours and your opponent’s hero abilities. See how many turns it would take before you and your opponent can activate it. It does matter in the game.
  5. Don’t attack with low defense creatures as you will be left empty-handed. It will only make you more susceptible to open lane devastation.
  6. Always do things with planning. Your every turn affects the game. Keep track of your hero abilities as well as magic points. Think of all the possible actions and think of how it can affect your next turns and the game overall.

We hope you found this article Card Wars Adventure Time APK For Android smartphone was helpful.

Card Wars Adventure Time APK Download V1.11.0 for Android Device
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