DirectX for Windows (10/8.1/7) Download on Your Desktop or Laptop

Microsoft, the large software company takes its initiative in planning and developing the best software programs for all the users. To supervise different activities associated with the multimedia, videos, game programming and more, Microsoft has launched DirectX. In fact, DirectX is a set of application programming interfaces [APIs]. Windows is the conventional operating system operated out in different versions for all the users. This tutorial helps you to Directx 12 Download and update or install on your Windows 10, 8, 7 laptops or PC.

All the modern Windows OS versions consist of DirectX by default. That’s the reason there is no actual requirement to install DirectX as a software program. Nevertheless, Microsoft releases the updated versions of DirectX on a frequent basis. By installing the latest updates on DirectX, the issues related to that software program will be fixed automatically. This will ultimately improve the performance of your games and the best graphics programs.Also check how to download garageband for pc

Beginning with the Windows 7 version operating system, Microsoft has pre-installed the DirectX 11 version on the platform. Following, the DirectX 12 version software program has been installed on the Windows 10 operating system. Here is a detailed in-depth guide on how to download and install DirectX 12 on Windows 10 computer. Check it here.

Download DirectX Windows 10 For Free on Your PC :
DirectX is a software program that enables us to play games and operate different multimedia apps on Windows PC or Laptop. The device may not be able to run in the games and videos or other multimedia apps on Windows devices without installing DirectX on it. Due to the need for DirectX software, there could be some difficulties with audio as and video playback. By default, the users can find DirectX software installed on the latest Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

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As the software program is already installed on your Windows device, the only thing that you need to do is to upgrade it. If there are any sort of issues with the DirectX program in the pre-installed program then, you can update it to the latest version of DirectX. You can finally boost the performance of your games and other multimedia stuff with the DirectX upgrade. Notwithstanding DirectX might be a blended software program on the Windows operating system, there is a chance of updating it by a Windows update.

Download & Install DirectX 12

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There are infinite versions of DirectX available on the web started by Microsoft. The DirectX is composed of a plenty of application programming interfaces i.e., APIs. It comprises the Direct3D, DXGI, DirectWrite for fonts and a lot more. The DirectX software program comes in support with different versions of Windows OS. They include Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10. If you need further knowledge about the different versions of DirectX then, you can notice it after the DirectX installation tutorial in this post.

How to Download & Install DirectX 12
The installation of DirectX software program could take a minimum of 15 minutes on Windows device. Still, it could be even shorter than that time. As DirectX is an official API software program launched by Microsoft, you can find the latest version of it on the official website of Microsoft. Follow the simple steps to download and install DirectX software on Windows 7/8/10 PC or Laptop.

At first, go to the official app store of Microsoft from your device.
You can drive to the page where the DirectX end-user runtime web installer software appears.
Locate the Download button and tap the button.
On the next page, you can see a few suggestions from Microsoft.
It includes the MSN default homepage and Windows malicious software removal tool.
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DirectX 12 Download on Windows 10

You can pick the check boxes for downloading the above programs along with the DirectX program.
Contrarily, just uncheck them and the Next button will rename with No thanks and continue.
In a few moments, the DirectX setup file will start downloading on your Windows device.
Later, go to the downloads folder and tap to open the file.
Just by following the on-screen instructions, you can complete the installation process of DirectX on Windows device.
After successfully installing DirectX on your PC, you will be asked to restart your device.
Go ahead to restart the device to apply all the changes you’ve made to the device even if it doesn’t prompt you.
After that, you can try to test the software whether it has been updated to the latest version of DirectX or not.
You can even find the issues that you’ve faced already with the gaming performance and other multimedia apps will be fixed with the latest update.
What’s the DirectX Version on your Windows PC?
If you are quite curious about the version of DirectX that has been installed on your Windows PC or Laptop then, you can do the following.

By using the DirectX Diagnostic tool, you can easily find out the version of DirectX installed on your device.
In order to find the tool, you need to open the Run window from your PC.
Just press and hold Windows Key + R on your keyboard and type the command that says dxdiag.
You can then find the version number of DirectX software program installed in the System tab.
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DirectX 12

This is the latest version of DirectX which is compatible with the Windows 10 operating system. This is the one and only version that is supported in Windows 10 device. Through the Windows update, the users can easily update the DirectX to the latest version of DirectX 12.

We presume that Microsoft provides the availability of downloading the DirectX 12 version for the existing versions of Windows other than the Windows 10 OS.

The Bottom Line

That’s all! This is all you need to know about the downloading and installation process of DirectX on your Windows PC or Laptop. Hope this guide has helped you to download the latest version of DirectX 12 on Windows 10 PC. This tutorial also helped you in knowing about each and every version of DirectX that is compatible with different versions of Windows platform. For more doubts and queries, you can ask us through the comments section.

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A voice call is not enough to connect to your family and friends. IMO for pc windows has become one of the sensations on App Stores because you can make Video Calls to your family, friends and even have a conference with your Employees.

imo for pcMany years ago the ritual of calling over smartphone has started by Rocker talk app, which is now very much in shadows but did you know that with time, the technology has enabled us with many utility apps that can help you make calls.

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IMO App For PC: Enjoy HD Video Calls and Chats
IMO for pc is an application which was launched on iOS platform the later released on Play Store as well. The app uses the latest technology which allows the users to connect to their loved ones, friends, and even business people, even when they are 1000 miles away from you. The app is known for amazing video call quality, which will make you feel like real-time talking.

One of the primary reasons why many apps are not considered for Video calls is because of the unnatural video quality, which comes with many Internet issues. Unlike the rest of the apps, the programming technology used in the IMO for windows is unique which lets you make video calls in HD without any buffers. The app developers are always working on making the app better and add more features which allow you to make video calls on Wifi, 3G, and 4G networks.

IMO App For PC: IMO Features
Everyone know’s about the features of the IMO, so we would like to mention them for those who are using the app for the first time, and there are also features which you may not have touched yet.

There are many apps with Video calling option but IMO is known for making High-Definition Video calls without any hassle.
IMO can also make Voice calls without any hassle.
The delay time between you and the other person is only 1 second, which is the amazing part.
There is no limit on how many Video calls or Voice calls you make using IMO.
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You can only make calls between IMO user to IMO user.
You can share media directly to the other person.
If you are planning to create a group conversation then you can create a group within minutes, then have a conference.
The developers have added different stickers and emoticons so that you can express your ideas, feelings much more efficiently.
As long as the Internet connection is active, you will not be asked to stop calling because there is no limit to it.
The app is completely for free because there is no premium version of the app. You are already using the premium version of IMO – Video calls.
If you want to make IMO to any cellular number, you can invest few cents to get that feature.
The Interface of imo for windows
If this is the first time using IMO, then let me tell you that the interface is smooth and light. Almost all features can be accessed from the Dashboard, so you will not get confused over petty options. You will get two panels. One for the chats and another one for the contacts. With minimum touch, you can access the contacts and more.

If your smartphone or PC has a smaller screen, then you will have trouble with the panels because you may end up tapping someone’s contact accidently then make the call. There are many stickers which are moving animations and do not send the emoticons and stickers before previewing them or else you may end up in an awkward moment.

IMO For PC: Download & Install
I think, you are already aware of the fact that there is no official release on IMO for PC. In this case, you user the alternative which will allow you to use your Laptop or Windows PC to emulate the Android app on your PC. If you are comfortable using it, then let’s begin with the process.

You need to open your browser.
The Emulator name is “Bluestacks” and Google it then opens the official website.
The official site of Bluestacks will prompt to download the Emulator, which is a big blue button on the front page.
The file size of the standalone installer is above 300MB, so be patient till the download is finished.
Is the download finished? Then install it.
While installing, it will ask you to Login to your Google account, and other set up.
Are you done with the installation? Then you will find a search bar on the top.
The search bar on the top is Google Play Store search bar.
Just like you do on your smartphone App Store, search for IMO.
Install the app.
Are you having issues with Bluestacks installation? Do not panic, and it is common.

Ensure that your PC has 2GB physical RAM with 1GB available memory.
Ensure that your PC is running 2010 above video memory.
Your PC must be running shader model 3.0 with DirectX 9.0a.
You can use Intel Driver scanner and download the latest drivers from the Intel.
If you are using Windows XP, then check if your PC has latest June 2010 DirectX files. If you are still having issues with imo pc version, then download Genymotion, DroidX, AndyOS and DuOS-M Android emulators as an alternative for Bluestacks.

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IMO will use your PC camera and your microphone to send the feeds. The functions of imo for windows will run much smoother than the smartphone version. If you have bigger screens, then you will enjoy the HD video calls and many more benefits. If you have any questions or suggestions to make about imo for pc then you can do that in the comment section below.